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Confira a Letra Each Day

Frank Mccomb

Each Day

Hey you, depending on your gifts to get you through

and thinking all your problems are solved by man.

Don't you be no fool God uses people and your gifts
together as tools

to build solid ground for you to stand.

Believe me when I say...


Each day I get down on my knees and I pray.

Grateful that the Lord keeps me sane.

Give thanks for people like my family

and a clean slate is what he starts me out with each

Hey you, still depending on your gifts to make it

Soon you will learn that you'll get no where fast.

I tried that, too therefore I'm here to pass this
wisdom on to you

so that your future won't be like your past.

Believe me when I say...



It's true, I had bills due.

No loot to get through.

Lookin' at my music thinkin' I could use it

to get through it, brotha don't you do it

because it's painful and shameful

trying to stand on quicksand.

I called on a favor from the Savior

He rescued me and told me to tell you...

Hook (slightly different)

Each day you got to get down on your knees and you

Be grateful that the Lord keeps you sane.

Give thanks for people like your family

and a clean slate is what he'll start you out with
each day.

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