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Confira a Letra Keep Pushin' On

Frank Mccomb

Keep Pushin' On

Can't nobody hush me the way I feel today.
I'm still gonna say what I gotta say.
I don't need no enemies with friends like these
I'm better off by myself anyway.
I've learned to depend on God and not on man.
Man will always let me down every chance he can.
I hold on to my faith, I take the time to pray
'cause I've been trapped by evil men and they're evil


They're gonna talk, sya what they wanna say.
Remain true to yourself, in the end you'll be happier
that way.
I wouldn't share with you something that I haven't
gone through
and I'm still gonna keep pushin' on.

They tried to deceive me to get the things they
and at one time my soul could've bought.
I didn't have the education so it happened to me once
now what they fail to realize by their own kind I was
I learned you got to go through some things to get
and if it comes too easily you're gonna be alone out
so have a lot of patience all good thing come in time
so get your honestly and live with peace of mind.



It's written in black and white that the evil man is
doomed by his own sins.
And while he's plotting evil he doesn't realize he's
doin' himself in.
What's in the dark must come to the light and once
evil's been revealed
you'll see all your friends in the real.