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Confira a Letra The Things That You Do

Frank Mccomb

The Things That You Do

Waking up in the middle of the night, turning over
seeing your body to my right makes me the happiest man
in the world and I'm fortunate to have you as my girl.

See, you could easily be with another man
but you're here with me and that's enough to make me


(that) no one could ever do the things that you do. No
other woman could ever be a better woman for me.

I have had ample opportunity to bring home any girl to
lay with me. But that's not what I wanna do with my
life. You see I would rather have two kids and a good

Now there ain't nothin' wrong with raising a family
'Cause now-a-days that's what every good man needs.

(Piano solo)

The things you do
Keeps me so in love with you.