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Confira a Letra The Wedding Song

Frank Mccomb

The Wedding Song

Standing eye to eye, heart to heart.
Making vows to never fall apart.
You're in love together.
In harmony your hearts will start to sing
once you've finally placed your wedding rings.
You'll be joined forever.
You'll be as one in love til death do you part.


The world is wishing all the best for you.
And may the dreams you dream, they all come true.
And may your lives be filled with happiness.
The world is wishing for you all the best...all the

Making steps toward a new life.
Can't wait til the preacher says "husband and wife"
'cause you're so anxious.
The honeymoon is waiting for you.
Can't wait to be alone just you two
you're so impatient.
So exciting to start life anew.
All the best to you.