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Confira a Letra When You Call My Name

Frank Mccomb

When You Call My Name

You look at me and you smile
not even knowing what you're doing to my head.
You look at me nonchalant
and still your eyes bring my soul back from the dead.

Even though your anger flows right through me
and in a sick all the drama draws me closer to thee.
You give all the tell-tell signs
and shouldn't I be bringing frankincense and myrrh?

Just the mention of your name
and I'd swear it'd be the sweetest name I've heard.

Are you some kind of prophet come to save me?
Because the powers you exhibit are mad crazy.
When you call my name you call me into existence.
Your say so be my goal- to you there is no resistance.

And I don't ever wanna make you feel uncomfortable
'cause there's something inside me strong and I gotta
let you know.
Girl if you were me I know you'd say, say, say (la,
la, la,).

Yes it's very evident that the kingdom of heaven is at
Why else would a precious thing like you choose to
wander through this wicked land?

Are you sure yout mama's name ain't Mary?
Because the fact that you don't know, lady that's
Do you know who you are, star?

Take the time to shine bright, star.
To me you're just like a child that doesn't know her
full potential.
Don't be a loner all your life, human contact is
essential for our growth.
Just let go- you will know.