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Confira a Letra Living in the Darkness

Glenn Frey

Living in the Darkness

Living in the Darkness

I wonder why you want me back
I wonder what it's all about
Why the sudden heart attack
Ever since the lights went out
Now you're coming here with your masterplan
That look in your eyes, holding out your hand
But I know you, I don't think you've changed
Ev'rything about you still seems the same

You're living in darkness
You're living in the past
Living in darkness, your dreams fading fast

You had a chance to make it right
Long before the stormy night
You didn't make the best of me
You didn't really want to see
Now you tell me the reason and the rhyme
Can't we get together just one more time?

You can say where, you can say when
There's no fooling me, it's the same thing again

You're living in darkness
You're living in the past
Living in darkness, your dream's fading fast

You didn't want this love of mine
You didn't want the sun to shine
There was a time when we stood side by side
Now there's nowhere to run and there's nowhere to hide

Nowhere to hide
Nowhere to hide

You're living in darkness
Living, living