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Confira a Letra Beneath The Sand

Gabriel Lynch

Beneath The Sand

Steady; breathe in again
My armour's weaker now, so let's pretend
You hear the things you don't
You've learned to read my mind and still you won't

See through me, and the lies that i have told
The ways we've hurt ourselves and turned so cold
Protect me like you never had a doubt
My armour's weaker now but i stand proud

Find me beneath the sand
That clings onto your feet and to your hands
Stop me from losing all
The ones who time and time again stopped me before

We could be left alone
We could have changed the past and never known
I am hidden and still i hide
When will you find me? what will you find?

So we say, 'hey i'm trying!'
I'm trying and nothing seems to work
All this strain comes from trying
And trying, and knowing what it's worth
I will stumble but i'll keep trying
And trying, and promising i'll come back to you