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Confira a Letra Sing Low, Sweet Cheerio

Gabriel Mann

Sing Low, Sweet Cheerio

Forget Remember Nothing the Force Came From the Flame
I Pass Along the Path Inside My Light Shinning Always
We'll Get There First a Name Cried Out Then Looked Back All the Way
Recall Falling Down a Lot of Time Was Spent That Way
But This Story Staring Me Had Already Begun
'cuz I Had Some Vision in My Sight On the Journey to Be One
Help Me Help Please Help Me Please the Screaming Starts Again
But the Trick I Find Something Hid You Look You Find I Win
While Working While the Play Was On the Play Was Alright Then
Think Thoughst Big Thoughts Take Off and Go Back Again Next Week
Right Then My Story Ended and a New One Had Begun
'cuz I Had Some Vision in My Sight On the Journey to Be One