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Confira a Letra Flip The Script

Gang Starr

Flip The Script

Brave is the knave who steps up to be slayed
By the one who forgave him for his first mistakes
Hed best behave, or ima send him a wave
Of some shocking volts, he doesnt know what hes talkin about
Hes kickin a bunch of crap so Ill be the judge of that
The boy lacks artistry but still he tries hard to be
An entertainer, but instead hes a waste of
My time and your time so Ill kick the pure rhymes
Whenever youre looking for rap thats exceptional
And credible, straight to the gs you better go
Cause gangstarrs known to be prone to be
Masters of streetwise poetry and turntable wizardry
But still be a cold day in hell when you hear that
Guru or premier ever tell suckers get sales
But they fail in the long run that kid who went gold yo
That was the wrong one but tonight the spotlight is all on me
Im the guru, of the g-a-n-g
Taking out scrubs cause they rub me the wrong way
And Ill say, that theyve still got a long way to go
To show they can flow like a real pro
So gimme that loot catch the boot from my steel toe
Im changing the scenery as I make em uncomfortable
Cause most mcs aint really got no pull
Watch me stifle em quick with the gift and the wit
Make em quit all that riff as I flip the script


Fool listen, I know that youve been missing
All this and so my rhymes are gonna gleem and glisten
Like a gem, and if you are the fake mc type
Ill shine so bright Ill be blinding your eyesight
Your capabilities fall short so ima treat you like a dwarf
On a basketball court still you try to rap
And even claim you got new styles but
Rolling your tongues been playe dout for a while
And you dont sound fly so why are you doing that?
You had a dope track but youre wack so you ruined that
I couldnt make out what you were saying your diction
Is jumbled where as me Im conveying clear thoughts
To a crowd thats most critical
Booty duck rappers like you are just pitiful
I bet you couldnt name more than one pioneer
Cause you didnt pay dues and you got on on outta nowhere
But thats ok cause Im peeping your card
If rap was my house youd be sweeping the yard
As I recline Ill find more chores to give ya
Like moppin the floors or maybe fetchin my slippers
So dont even trip or run off with the lip
Cause as soon as you slip you know Ill flip the script


So as I kick a bit flip with script without a skip
Butter roll mcs get dissed like this
Youll never got none son because Ill become troublesome
You rap like a simpleton
And I hate scum yo I can easily deflect your threats
Cause theyre idle my recital will break you down
Just a fight til the end cause I can take ten at a time
Give em all a fair shot to see if any can rhyme
And even if one is decent, Ill still get props
Ill kick the slick lines til the last one drops
As my powerful skills are unveiled Im tippin the scales
And weighing much more than your tall tales
Stop the exaggeration perpetration observe
And make simple notation
Nobody no where no way no how
Is taking me out cause I can throw so you know now
Can you feel it, I bust raps so lay off
Before I steal that so called title that you gave yourself
But you really aint jack so yo you played yourself
And now you look from a distance as you sweat my tip
You know Ill whip you swift when I flip the script