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Confira a Letra Leaving Home


Leaving Home

I remember a time, not so long ago
I sang of the day I'd escape
I remember her eyes, watching every step,
lest I should wander too far
But the song did not end, I sing it still
Waiting for perfection to find me
Close to the garden, close to the shore
In a world of symmetry angels, Full Moons & Pretty Things

Long since words were my vice and my affection lay sleeping in memory,
Against all odds I saw hope nurture faith,
Their conception made quite sure that I would dream again
But this time I won't rest my eyes
How can I afford to be blind to the sunrise?
Searching for obsession to save me from sleep
Longing for sensation to bury me deep this time

Meet me at 4 in the morning on Queen St.
Meet me at St. Andrews with a smile unpainted
I've been running 41 to 44 so long I don't know which way is North

Meet me at 4 in the morning on Queen St.
Meet me at St. Andrews with a smile unpainted
Build me a bridge that won't burn under each new day's light

Yet I drift through Wardrop's Court to keep the memory alive,
Stuck on every corner I imagine you're behind
After so long you would think I'd have moved on
But I still stay right here

It's easy to recall childish visions of the future,
From the 10th floor panorama
When life moved in chapters steadily towards the sea
And love fulfilled the need for drama