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Confira a Letra The View


The View

Somewhere Else,
Somewhere Else the tide awaits,
Somewhere Else the child awaits a sign,
Somewhere Else the tide is waiting, but the child awaits a sign

Gazing towards the horizon,
I felt at once here and elsewhere
The line I drew divided me in two
Into or in from the outside I grew,
And the branches kissed the roots
Where I live is between the island and metropolis,
Waiting with the silence

As the end of the road drew near,
I realised at last that no matter where I am
I want to be Somewhere Else,

Far away, where the sun retains its majesty,
Curled with a comforting memory.
Past lives of Nowhere, Nobody

Quiet, the city conspires with the night to drive me out,
Back to the garden where I belong
I can't cross The Rift

I could show you the view from here,
But I fear you would not see what I see
After all, the ellipsis horizon paints a lifelike frame
And it's easy to get lost in a place we never reach

As the end of the road drew near the horizon beckoned
And for all of the miles I'd come, I felt like leaving home