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Confira a Letra Waiting For Fireworks


Waiting For Fireworks

I awoke at noon to find the day had passed me by,
Somewhere 'long the winding path my dreams took me last night
I saw myself in 5 years' time, Somewhere Else in paradise
But the morning always comes, the work is never over

But I can't bear the silence, I crave event and violence
Page-turning, eyes held skyward,
We await the sound of fireworks

Lifelike, on Quartermile, we watch the world go by
How I wish, how I wait
Like fishers at an empty lake, we wish and wait

I looked inside myself today
Alarmed at what I'd found in the dusty corners of my mind
A wish to sleep forevermore, to find a place to hide

From what I'm seeing, I'm reeling
Could it be true that I'm merely watching hours drifting away
On the winds of "not today"?
Oh how I wish to peaceful, watching life from a distance
Oh how I wait for the day

I awoke at dawn to find the meaning still unclear
Though the clouds were blinding hope was hiding somewhere at the edge of sight

I wish to walk unbroken ground but something's in the way

After the fireworks, after the smoke cleared at last
I was left with a lingering feeling, one of emptiness and doubt
I spent my whole life in wait for the climax, just to watch the curtain fall
After all, resolution will not wait for New Year's Day

I wish to walk unbroken ground in body and in mind
I won't crave the end this time
Each restful night a currency to trade against my own posterity

Waiting for fireworks has taken its toll on me,
But I might just stay and rest here for a little while longer