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Confira a Letra Electrified

Gargantua Soul


Super friends ascend to the scene.
Proud to be clean.
Cut jams like wolverines
On 24 tracks the wax of a storm.
Thor, God of Thunder hip a star was born.
Torn ripped apart with my art in my hand.
The band Jackie Chan is th Gargantuan
Soul hole in your guts now've been flled.
In just one show a whole world has been built.

It's electrifying.

Frikity frackin black jack avengers... they're here.
Defenders of the faith all tempt a cheer.
The hills are alive with our funky sound of music.
Trendy track fuckin donut fiends don't refuse it.
Abuse it ya lose it. So thanks for the things.
The breath of fresh air is the sounds that we bring.
Klingons clinging, Gospel choirs singing.
The universe is smiling. God's number I be dialing