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Confira a Letra Rat Pack

Gargantua Soul

Rat Pack

Slave driver searchin what your life is for.
Came here rich now you're headin out the door poor.
Rat cat nippin. Trippin on your own shoes.
You sing the blues, as your neck it feels the noose.

Hong Kong Fuey, Chop Suey in your sick brain.
Life as it is will never be the same.
These trendy tricks that you stick to are weak-whack.
Come join the "G". Let go. Get out the Rat Pack.

You sufforgate in the jet set let your own blood.
Vampire demon got you screamin now you're Elmer Fudd.
My appartus is the fattest and the title is "G".
Here's my recital, so phat, I'm like obesity.

I got surround sound tearing at your brain core.
I'm like Stonehenge a question mark. Now here is more.
Facts on this track is the smack gak; your heart attack.
Retract your retreat from us.
You're in the Rat Pack