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Confira a Letra Leave



I don't want to feel the ground
When you finally let me down
I don't want to fade away
If I'm standing in your way

So go from my gate
I want to see you walking in away
With that look on your face
Don't hide it away
So you can leave me and not be lonely

This time's too slow to speak
And I am waiting to believe
This flame's too dim to keep
The kettle watching me

Your shadow's on my wall
It's grown much too tall
You reach for my ceiling
Night becomes day
You can leave me and not be lonely

You're standing at my door
But your not knocking, not like before
You open up to speak
There are no words left for you to breathe

My hand's tied to your sleeve
My heart's tied to a key
It won't blow me away
If I'm holding on tight
You can leave me and not be lonely