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Confira a Letra Fallin By The Dozen

Get Set Radio

Fallin By The Dozen

The lies you tell to see this through for all the cards you dealt
and she
sells herself for nothing short of foolish now
and they come undone as the
hand that feeds them fades
for this second one now you call me a

But for everything that's aimed at you
this is a chance to take
control of what we all set out to prove
so rally the masses wake and we'll
so run or they will take you too

so what do you say?
ever forgiving is a chance to end all of those things you do

Hey you!
what do you say?
and they're falling by the dozen
so take a look

So rid
yourself of all of those who try to hold you down
and I tell myself I think
I'm on to something now
and they come undone as the hand that feeds them
for this second once now you call me a stranger

Demons demons inside
your head
picking the flaws of your design

Defend defend what you've got
telling yourself that you're so great

Fall in fall in to your head
give it up because you know there's nothing left to say