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Confira a Letra I Dare You To Live Forever

Ghost Mice

I Dare You To Live Forever

Feeling like a vampire today
As another generation slowly tumbles to its grave
But there's a new one rising up so that's okay,
I like the taste of young blood

Holy water doesn't burn my skin but i dare not to drink it
And I don't have the strength of 100 men, but my teeth are sharpened
And I will bite you tonight, if that's what it takes
To turn you from the dark side

Feeling like a fuzzy photograph
Some good memory you don't want to forget
But its so hard to recall
Exactly how you felt when the shutter was open

And the light of day doesn't burn my skin,
But it makes me have to squint my eyes
And I am not afraid of the crucifix
But I only feel half awake at night

I'm a thousand years old you can see it in my eyes
And my body is shot
But like some crazy machine that doesn't know how to quit
I'm gonna give it all I've got

And I'll see you at the end of the world
If you last that long
I'll see you at the end of the world
If you are strong enough
Then I'll see you there
Pull up a chair
And we'll play some songs
Songs to remember
All we have lost
And all we have loved