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Confira a Letra The Good Life

Ghost Mice

The Good Life

I wish I was a bumblebee
I wish I lived to love my queen
Flying from flower to flower all day
I'd dance if I had something to say
Everybody working to feed our babies,
Such a simple and honest community
Not making money, just making honey
I wish I could make something that sweet

I wish I was a mountain goat
I wish I didn't know all the things I know
I'd eat alpine flowers for lunch each day
I'd take naps in the sun in some secret place
Living high on peaks all covered in snow
In the valleys that no one else could go
What some people call danger I'd call my home
And I'd never have to hear another telephone

I wish I could be them both
Anything's better than being a ghost
I wish I was a live
I wish nobody ever had to die
I wish I was a alive
I wish nobody ever had to die...die...die...die