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Confira a Letra John And Jodie

Ghost Mice

John And Jodie

John hinkly jr. might have been a little crazy
but there ain't nothing wrong with trying to kill the president
especially when it's ronald reagan he almost killed us all

and John Hinkly jr. Might have been a little crazy
for getting so obsessed with Jodie Foster
but how can you blame him, when she's so beautiful

and he did it all for love, he did it all for love
it was all for love

John hinkly jr. might have been a little crazy
for letting a movie effect him so strongly
but Robert Diniro was great back then and it's easy to get swept away

If you ask me he was a true romantic
like a hero from some faerie tale
I just hope someday, someone will love me that way

oh I want to be loved, yeah I want to be loved
like John loves Jodie

I want someone to want to assassinate a president for me.