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Confira a Letra Beats The Band

Ghost Sweeper Mikami

Beats The Band

Keep my temper, cool off.
Keep my tension, heat on.
I don't mind showing my colors.
Any yesterdays, and tomorrows.
I make no bones about them.
No desire to go on with you,
nobody can get it's confirmation.
I wanna be me, I wanna be free.
I don't need to ask for the moon.

And I take a beauty sleep until evening comes.
Then everything is ready for me.
I don't shuffle on the street, refinement is mine.
Nobody can get the jump on me.
Outdoing myself is my way.

And I play with paradox until it's boring.
Then I can be ready for beating.
I do stride on the street, refuse all mercy.
Nobody can get the jump on me.
Outdoing myself always feeds my soul, feeds my soul.

Every day and night, every situation.
I know what I am doing there.
Any conversation, any fantasies
Can not keep turning me on.
Even make a deal with me today,
nobody can get it's confirmation.
I don't dress to kill, still I bedevil.
I don't want a bed of roses.