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Confira a Letra Suspicious Chunks


Suspicious Chunks

a hatchet is employed to chop and dice
cleaving meat from bone
with a sickening slice
butchered and bagged with expert skill
so the neighborhood bums can get their fill

curdled fat and spetic bowels
are filler for our graveyard chow
our prices are dirt cheap
for premium cuts of meat
and you're in denial
about just what it is that you eat

human limbs in a grinder, shoved
extruding manburger, a cut above
reeking torsos hang on hooks
too rotten to sell, they're kept for looks

the spoils of the night before
are set to dry upon a rack
the cheese that forms in rotting fat
we spread on crackers for midnight snacks
the feet of stillborn babies
are poached in boiling chyme
a shot of formaldehyde, on the rocks
does the trick everytime

our slaughterhouse is bathed in blood
steaming organs slowly bake
eviscerated bodies swing
exposed vertebrae break

ribs are spiced and barbecued
sent to market in cripsy hunks
the townsfolk are none the wiser
as they dine on suspicious chunks

our botulism soup caused quite a scare
and the tainted mince pies
may have been a little rare
but all in all our meat is of the highest quality
we get it from the rich part of the cemetery

purple brains adorn their plates
our ghoulish goulash sure tastes great
bladders filled with bootlegged gin
pickled tongues in rusty tins
and if they have no taste for those;
eyeballs stuffed with pimentos
into our meats, each penny sunk
these fools devour suspicious chunks