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Confira a Letra As Your Casket Closes


As Your Casket Closes

As your casket closes listen to the living weep
Their tears are such cold comfort when they bury you so deep
You think they cry for you; that they came to pay respects?
The living only weep because they know that they are next
Sobbing in their mourning clothes, a most impressive act
Rosaries and prayer to keep their fantasies intact
The parson mumbles fairy tales of heaven and of hell
But six feet down in potter's earth is where you'll really dwell
Your brain begins to ooze with the secrets of the dead
As your casket closes
The darkness of the tomb, an eternity of dread
As your casket's covered feel the cruel hand of time
Ectoplasmic tendrils, enveloping in slime
Apparitions wail from the mould infested crypts
Skin begins to peel, turn to gelatin, and drip
Twisting roots imprison you, your coffin starts to rot
Bound to this dimension, though the chains you can see not
Timeless creeping horror, a nightmare with no end
The snails in your skull are your only earthly friends
Your brain begins to ooze with the secrets of the dead
As your casket closes
The darkness of the tomb, an eternity of dread
You feel your eyeballs melting as you start to decompose
They burst inside the sockets and come running out your nose
Sacs of pus erupt in places better left unmentioned
Bloated bowels surrendering all powers of retention
Drooling fat congeals into pudding in your crypt
Beetles nest in ear canals and munch on waxy drips
Maggots feed on viscera, a swirling toxic stew
There's no one here to blame it on, that odor came from you
As your casket opens you see four hooded freaks
Laughter in the moonlight, horrifying shrieks
Two hundred years you've been rotting in this grave
And now you will awaken to become a willing slave
Injecting numbskull, your brain begins to boil
Your body quivers in the funeral soil
Replacing spinal fluid, sucking at our drool
Your afterlife is over, welcome to your life with Ghoul!!!
As your casket closes