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Confira a Letra Tomb After Tomb


Tomb After Tomb

bones encased in oblong boxes
harvested for a feast, macabre
organ meats hungrily devoured
by a loathsome trio of freakish slobs
arms and legs strewn from stem to stern
an abattoir beneath the crypts
heads are removed and bones defleshed
while fermenter gets us totally ripped

we suck on the blood of the dead
tomb after tomb
eye sockets let the pus drain from your head
tomb after tomb

a meat hook finds its way into your neck
pulled from the coffin, a stinking wreck
just one more for the rotting flesh heap
as Ghouls, what we sow we are happy to reap

boiled skulls float in horrid stews of bile
the popping of plague filled blisters
raises a smile

mangled parts fuse together
in a sick making mess
the stench of hundreds of years rises from
the gurgling cess

distorted faces dripping with gore,
in the eerie glow of torchlight,resemble
humans no more

breathing the funk of the rotten
tomb after tomb
devouring the flesh of the forgotten
tomb after tomb

we'll see that your bones are turned to pulp
and your bodily fluids distilled and gulped
your skull, now torch, will shed some light
and allow us to shamble once more into the
mist filled night

wrenching the stiffs from their resting place
tomb after tomb
introducing a hatchet to a worm-eaten face
tomb after tomb after tomb