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Confira a Letra Goetic Invocation


Goetic Invocation

[Typhon Seth]

I invoke thee, the terrible, invisible, almighty,
God of Gods,
who dwellest in the void place of Spirit,
Maker of destruction, Maker of desolation,
O thou who hatest a calm household,
for thou wast cast named he who destroyeth
and is not conquired!

[The Heart Gift With A Serpent]

I invoke thee, the bornless fire who
create the night and the day
who create the darkness and the light
thou art the Perfect Osiris,
whom no man, had see at time
Thou art life-bread-flesh
Thou art love-wine-blood
You make the female and male
You produced the seed and fruit
I'm the Prophet,
reveal your mysteries to me
for I am your True Angel
hear me and make all Spirits
subject unto me
upon the earth... under the earth
on dry land and in the water
of whirling Air and of rushing Fire ...... Hear Me!
Aoth: Abaoth: Basum: Isak: Sabaoth: Iao
I am He! the bornless Spirit
I am He! the truth
I am He! that lightenet and thundereth
I am He! the grace of the world
The heart gift with a serpent is my name