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Confira a Letra The Vault of The Witch


The Vault of The Witch

Tonight the Moon is full
I hear th e wind blowing through the wood
I feel a strange feeling
a voice calling me from the past
I pass through the enchanted lands
I blur Myself with the shadows of the night
i walk across the ancient trees
I fear not the silence of the forest
Walpurgisnacht, tonight is the night
all the dark soul may reborn for a while
The vault of the witch
As I approach to the Sacred Sepulcro
the light of the Mothe rips off from the clouds
now I can see clearly the One
that waits for me behind the silver gate
"Art thou the Ancient Witch?"
"I am who you want me to be"
"Will you give your Ancient Knowledge?"
"I will be your knowledge, if you give me your soul"
"I am the ancient Mother, Karidwen
I am life as well as the death
for me, all things have been created
I am the daughter, the bride, the mother, the old
I am the ages of life, the changes of the seasons
Free me from the mortals' deceive and come to me"
Her ethereal embrace wrapped me up
annihilating my will
so, I was in her and she was in me
and I found myself into the Sacred Vault
The Ancient Mother is free again
She'll conclude Her Great Opera
'cause I've broke her mortal chains
gaining the Truth, losing my freedom...