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Confira a Letra Dissolute Nefert


Dissolute Nefert

And the Dusk came, over the forgotten land
and the Dusk came, while the old Pharaon
was imploring the Great God RA.
"RA God of the sun, Enemy of Darkness
incoming, destructive take care of Your
devote sons. Arise, as the dismembered Osiris arised.
Do not allow the incoming of the Black God Seth"
The black priest appeared in the Temple
"Your time has come" he said " no more of your false Gods
it's time to restore the Ancient, millenary order.
Sons of Set are waiting, ravenouses the incoming moment;
Our Queen, the Dissolute Nefert, will be our Pharaoh!"
"I am the cruel Pharaoh
Nefert by name, death and sin by nature
I lay with Anubi and Thoth is my lover
In my hand I hold the chain of misery
Come with me I'll show you the pleasure of perdition "
I came, I did for you to trample, upon the ground of Amenti,
I placed the demons under your feet, Only for your domain
I came did for you that everyone could see
Your Majesty Mistress of death. For you to command
over their faces the Primordial Fear
From my bed of bones I've heard my sons
calling me here! I came, No more the Sun will be honoured!
The Moon is the Mistress, and to Her I bow.
And the dusk came, over the forgotten land of the Ancient Egypt,
Wonderful Queen incarnated
The ever-lasting damnation is come
Heaven is lost, Hell is real. The Dissolute and Tenebrouse Queen
observe and laughs,
Obscurity, the flowing blood, destruction.
She wait for the moment when She'll lay with God
As th eprimordial Father and Mather eons ago.
A damned dynasty, the prophecy is unveiled
The end of Osiris the revenge of Set, Death come back to life,
Oh mortals, bow and pray 'cause the Evil God is reborn!!