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Confira a Letra Son Of Darkness (A Love Song)


Son Of Darkness (A Love Song)

I wake up in a wey dungeon
Where am I? what am I doing here?
I've lost my memories
maybe, slowly, they'll come back..
Oh She was so beautiful yesterday night
If Heaven does really exist
It would be like her face (Her body)
I remember only Her Kisses
her tenderness
Her lips, blood red lips
whisper me sweet (hypnotic words)
The Obscure kiss
She betrayed me with her behaviour
( so lascivious an' erotic)
She turned me into a damned
She betrayed me with a kiss
Like the Iscariot did
I am a son of darkness
I am a creature of Hell
I will hide myself from the warm sun
And cry my agony to the pale Moonlight
I will live for eternity
Sharing my days with this woman
They call it Hell
and if this the real Hell
Oh, I want to be a part of it FOREVER....