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Confira a Letra The Cruel Embrace Of Death


The Cruel Embrace Of Death

Stay alone... in solitude (aeternal),
I wander in a snowly land ( supreme lord of sadness)
A life of battle... in this s wasted land
An almighty supremacy... of hate and death
The glacial wind of madness, is blowing around me,
the darkness is nearer, swallow up reality
A strange, warm light is shining... through the shadows
is glowing in the forest... with his mysteries
An ethereal figure now, it's standing before me
white like the snow, virginal purity
Her eyes, her lips, her skin
unnatural beauty, pale as the moon
My sad, evil heart, id flying to her
beautiful queen of dusk
(Glacial and motionless, as a statue in the snow,
an amguish sense of horror is bustin' into my soul..)
I'll build a temple to protect you from the rain
I'll find fresh blood and make it runnin' in your veins
We will dream together through the enchanted night
In the past I was not, but for you I will be
I'll rip off the wings from an angel to protect you from the cold
I'll find a rose in the snow to offer to your breast
we will dance with the music of thousand cherubs
Everything to save you from the cruel embrace of death
"I journey since the beginning searching for you
you don't know who I am,
but I know what you're looking for
I am Lilith, Queen of the Hell
offer me your blood and we will reign forever"
The rage I feel is like the tide that explode with the full moon
"Hail Satana... in this land of death"
You came into my life like an Angel fallen from the sky
"Ave Satana....embrace your new slave"
I loved you, my sweet, Vampyre.
I want to take my last gaze of you, feelin' a human feeling
In this night, in this terrible night, I'll die,
just to came back... from obscurity beyond the dusk..........