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Confira a Letra Blood Feast


Blood Feast

Drug-crazed and ravenous, digestor, fermentor, and cremator go on a rampage through creepsylvania, devouring everyone in their paths. From his palace the basilisk watches and waits...

Blood feast

On the outskirts of town
Heard the townsmen a curious and terrifying sound
As they crept forth to see
A gacked out fermentor, cremator and me
We surrounded them axes in hand
They’d do nicely chopped up in the meal we had planned
At the front of the crowd cried a priest
"Look away! It’s unholy, it’s ghastly, it’s a..."

Blood feast!
Blood feast!

As the townspeople panicked and fled
Fermentor got a sickening idea in his head
In the mood for some dubious snacks
He splintered their skulls with a swing of his axe
We siphoned some petrol from a car
And the orphanage was turned into a flaming abattoir
Tiny skeletons radiating heat
Young flesh is the best when it's eaten at a...

Blood feast!
Blood feast!

First course: Liver filet
Served with a garnish of maggot puree
Second course: Brain tumour stew
Bubbling away in a mucous ragout
Third course: The haunch of a child
Cooked to perfection, spicy or mild
Fourth course: Mellified lumps
Syrupy crustulant putrefied clumps

Fifth course: A sputum soup
Presented cold, a nasally goop
Sixth course: A plate of headcheese
With eyeballs and tongues, seasoned to please
Seventh course: Bloody rump roast
The asses garnished with fingers and toes
Eight course: Ovum soufflé
Baked to perfection, full of decay

Lazily licking at a stump
Sticky high fives as the bodies were dumped
Crawling on the ground like slugs
Bloated with meat and a mountain of drugs
Suddenly a net was released
Dragged off in chains by the secret police
In the belly of the beast
Locked in a cage like the victim of a...

Blood feast!
Blood feast!