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Confira a Letra Out Of My Bed

Gil Ofarim

Out Of My Bed

Out of my bed but your still in my head
I want you to know I won't let you go

I was doing fine all by myself
Never really needed someone else
Living like a feather in the wind
Til' you came along
Shining like a diamond in the dirt
Never thought that you could make me hurt
In between the word I read a sign
Your place or mine

Lost myself
Inside of you
Rocked me all night through

Out of my bed but your still in my head
I want you to know I won't let you go
Out of my mind
Cause we're two of a kind
And I need you so
I won't let you go

Why did we give all for just one night
I feel you everywhere still out of sight
Am I just a fool to wish for more
Then I bargained for

It's how it goes
You never know
What you've got til it's gone

Repeat Chorus

You opened my eyes
Opened my heart
You came and made everything right
From the start
How will I find my way back to you
Cause I won't let you go

Repeat Chorus 2x