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Confira a Letra Charline

Gil Ofarim


Cold night in my empty place
I feel down, I feel down, I feel down
There's a girl who thought she knows my face
She put me down, put me down, put me down
I'm not gonna change for you everyday
I know my name, know my numbers
Know, I'm much to late
I'm no superman, superface, superstar
But I'm going on without you

Charline is on my mind
Look at me, oh can't you see I'm blind
Your time for a little love
It's gonna make me see again
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

When I woke up that day
I had luck, I had luck, I had luck
Charline come down my way
With her eyes, with her smile, just for a walk
And she said, don't you like to be a simple man
With a feel for simple things and daily life
And I said
Sure I will oh girl, I like you so
This is all that I want, that I feel

Repeat Chorus

Then I make a great invention
I got rich, I got proud
For a few disgusting moments
I was wrong, I was bad
I've out sided
Oh, Charline why don't you hear me
Can't you see, I'm still the same
I feel cold, I feel lonely
And I'm not going on without you

Repeat Chorus