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Confira a Letra Slim Ting

The Gladiators

Slim Ting

Oh yeh oh yeh
Wo yeh wo yeh

1/slim ting in a ring yes
How i wish that i
Were there with you
So when you get weary
You could leann me yeh
How happy we would be

2/i wish that i could be your
Guiding star
That guide you
Go back where you come from

Who yaga yaga
Who yow
Yaga yaga yow

Don't come back a me yard
Me nuh want you
Me nuh want you
Don't come back
Don't come back a me yard

I will guide you
Into this arms of mine oh yes
I wish i could sleep with you
But i can't
Your mama say
Your'e too young oh baby
I wish i could take you home
And put you in my garden
To watch you grow
But your daddy had said no
I wish i could take you
Just for a moment
Just to say how much i love you
Help me sing now

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