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Confira a Letra Daring The Dawn

Glitter Magic

Daring The Dawn

Yeah, nobody thought
That I'd live to see the day
When I'd wipe my fears away

Now you're biting nails
Your body feels I'm coming near
Your whole soul is cold with fear

Oh! And all the tears you cried they never never tasted so sweet,
And I love how it feels

And all the drinks I've shared for those who didn't make the day,
Who still had much to say

All your fears just keep on
Driving me there's so much
More to live I'll keep on
Daring the dawn

Now you see we don't need Honesty
The bruises won't disappear
I'll keep on daring the dawn

No, nobody thought that I even existed
When I was in books of History

Now you're praying to God
Your blood boils by pleasuring
Your whole soul belongs to me

And all that blood you bled it never never tasted so sweet,
And I love how it feels

And all the feast I've shared for those who never saw the day
Who still wants to stay?

Now you feel it in your neck. It's creepy. You like how it feels.
Honestly, the bloodstains can't keep me away from it
I'm dying to see
I'll keep on all your fears just to keep on driving me
To see the sun rising again
You're sitting down and staring at me
All your friends are waiting now
To feel how I feel
To live on and on and on….