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Confira a Letra Tell Me It's Okay


Tell Me It's Okay

Tell me it's okay
Tell me it's okay
Tell me it's okay

Tell me it's okay (to be happy now)
Tell me it's okay (because I'm happy now)
Tell me it's okay

I think I might move on to something new
But only if u say that's cool with u
Cuz I love all the little things u do (I mean did)
I begged you to show up
And I asked u to stay
U told me to grow up
So I pushed u away
I tell u "u know what"
And we fought once again
Then we got back together
Who's kidding who, it's a trend
I like being alone
But I don't like being lonely
I like being home
But I don't like being homies
U know I'm so sorry
For making u feel like u lost me
We're two unstable enablers
Please try not to be salty
All this time & all these tries
Leave questions open ended
And I would rather die
Than try to live with this resentment
So we could try just one more time
To make sure that we meant it
Or we could cut our losses
Before we blow up & dead it

It's okay to say you're not okay
It's not okay to turn and walk away
We've got problems that we need to face
If u love me, then say it
If u trust me, then show it
If u don't mean it, save it
If u do mean it, own it
U gotta be happy alone
To be happy together
U gotta lose something u know
To learn how to get better
I've been working, u've been hurting
I've been curving, u've been swerving
I've been sleeping, u've been creeping
Now u got me creeped, I'm leaving
I think about you
I dream about you
I smile about you
I cry about you
I lie about u
I'm fine without u
I lied that's not true
I'd die without u
Our love is a war, we use words as our weapons
So either ur real or I'm gone in a second
These thoughts that we have & these feelings we kept in
Make resent & regret, upset & a severance
U dont fuck with ultimatums
Have to face it
Loves contagious
Also dangerous
Leaves you damaged
Make it painless
Now dont make sense
Tried to saved it
Please please please

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