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Confira a Letra 144



I want to know the place
where you come from
i like to see your face when i wake up
i offer me just for yourself
wrapped up for you and no one else
and no one else
could be appreciative
be as appreciative of your charm
when you walk you take you take your time
take the tiniest steps
when i'm at your side if you feel
you're left behind
i'll slow down to your pace
and we'll be like a tree
and we'll grow on
and if the world should end
with fires and bombs
i'd like to be there holding hands
with you i'll view the end of the lands
and no one else could steal a piece
like you could steal a piece that big
of my heart

i want to be with you
and we will be together
i want to be with you
and we will life forever

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