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Confira a Letra Gods Of Eden

Gods Of Eden

Gods Of Eden

Descended from the stars
Wreaking devastation
From foreign worlds they came
To exploit the riches of the soil
Without reckoning
Their lust in greed inflicts a well worn process of enslavement

But it all shows up in time
The Gods of Eden
Languishing a top of the stolen throne of the slaves

We feared nothing from emptiness
Before the whole world collapsed at our feet

Blood sacrifice for a nervous world
Unto new agents that control it
Twisting our minds into fear through despair and disease

But it all shows up in time
They tore down Eden
Re-building on top of the stolen world of the slaves

Orphaned in divine chaos
Divine philosophy
With maligned ends

As we're shifting sands of time
Searching for our freedom stained
Nothing here is divine free from pain

(Gods of Eden)
And Eden became earth
(Gods of Eden)
After all the years that passed her
(Gods of Eden)
That deposed the God's creation
(Gods of Eden)
And washed away the blood with tears