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Confira a Letra Seduction

Golden Dawn


Come with me, follow me, come with me
Darker days, in the haze, darker days
We will see, not just be, we will see
Take my hand and feel the end, take my hand
Pain and fear will disappear, pain and fear
In dreadful lands, when the dark descends, in dreadful lands
Deceptive light drowns in the night, deceptive light
Society, leave me be, society
Makes me sad, everyone dead, makes me sad
In this night, i feel no fright, in this night
I will leave without grief, i will leave
No remorse, no turning back
Can't you see disharmony, can't you see
Twilight and phlegmatic unlight
A chilling thunder roars from the distant mountainside
A raging storm is rising, it takes all doubt away
Being part of an endless circle eases all pain and fear
My name is dead and gone, my trace will disappear