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Confira a Letra Be My Baby

Good health

Be My Baby

I've been wonderin
If youd like to be my friend
And watch all the stars appear
When the sun descends

I've had my eye on you
Ever since we met in school
I wanna make you more than just
And old memory

Hey hey hey hey
What do you say
Will you take my hand
And run away from here?

Hey hey hey hey
Wontcha be my baby
We can talk all night
And sleep all day.

I know you've had your share
Of messy love affairs
But i think it's time you settled down for now

And maybe baby, when both of us have gone crazy
We can go out in blaze and make some history.

Cause i know your dream is to leave this world with some meaning
To never burn or never turn out like the old folks seem.