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Confira a Letra As Blood Moves

Gory Blister

As Blood Moves

The wind now rose with great violence
The moon was beginning to descend
The clouds swept across it and dimmed her rays
While the lake reflected the scene of the busy heavens
Rendered still busier by the restless waves
Suddenly a heavy storm of rain descended...

Ages followed ages in endless history
Asleep was my blood
Covered with my home-ground
The vibe of life felt...

Restless through my veins
Was it when liv'd the sight
She one soul enraptures
Then vanishes forever

Thus hath such a tempest overwhelmed my own fate
My heart enabled again to love or hate
Once my dull sleep broken enlighted was the quest
For my blood thine feels rejecting all the rest

Damned am i and suffering
Sith the first day my sleep i lost...

As blood moves
My heart bleeds
And dresses me in red

'who bleeds for love
Deceived is by beauty
He'll roam in the dark
And drink blood in eternity'

As blue and refreshing is the sea of my passion
Or clash may the clouds stormy my darkness
Thy nearness my blood feels with serene emotion
Or suffers alone crying out thy remoteness

Sith the first day art thou my mistress

As blood moves
My heart bleeds...
And dresses me in red

A batlike soul waking to the consciousness of itself
In darkness and secrecy and loneliness.'