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Confira a Letra Hello (com T.I.)


Hello (com T.I.)

Hello (9x)

(t.i. verse 1)
Hey, what's happenin'?
It's been a minute, huh?
I'm just hollerin'
How you doin?

It's been a minute
Since i seen ya
I fell off for the scene
Cuz it seem like you
Wanted other things
Than da king
Why you fightin'
And disagreein' wit da king?
When you got cribs, cars
And a king wit da king?
Is the grass as green
As it seemed in ya dreams
Are you gettin
All the things
That you needed
And i ain't bring
Does it satisfy
Your self-esteem
Bein seen on da screen
Is this new nigga
The real thing
Or is just a lil' fling?
Did he buy a nice bracelet
And get ya a lil' ring?
Or give you
All the attention
And the lil' things?
He know what to do with
The stuff you stuff
In them lil' jeans?
Do he stand up
And lean in it
'til you start screamin'?
Or smack your ass and kiss
Your g-string
To start eatin? (muah)
You get how you need it
Not only
When it's convenient
I just pick up the phone
And call you
Every week or two
To let you know i miss you
To see how that other
Nigga treatin' you

I remember morning
Noon, and night
I used to hold you tight
I know we used
To fuss and fight
But i'm just calling to say
(hello) hello
(hello, oh baby)
See time has a funny way
Of keeping us close
Even though
We never stayed, toghether
I just wanted to say
(hello) hello (hello)

(t.i.- verse 2)
Ay, it's me
Hey, what's happenin?
How ya doin?
I know plenty of niggas
Pursuin' them panties
All for the screwin'
Fly you down to miami
Let you walk
The red carpet wit a ?
At da grammys
But i'm what
He can never be
A boss, understand me?
He pose and take things
He buy for ya
He got you a rose
Bbut that don't mean
He'd die for ya
Hey, maybe i got
Too much pride
To cry for ya
But not too much
To call you
And tell you
That i adore ya
And tell you
How i'm missin you
Lovin you, and kissin you
And think about
The good old days
And wanna visit you
This song
I'd like to listen
To whenever
Reminisicin' you
You, stay on my mind
How i picture you
Think about the past
And all the time
That i spent witchu
Rubbin on that ass
From behind
As i dig in you
Never been
A doubt in my mind
That i was diggin' you
How i love you shorty
You'll never find
Another nigga to

(hook 1x- governor)

(governor- verse 3)
Every now
And then i think of you
And i can't lie
I be wantin' you
But i understand
That i'm not your man
And i also know
That the future's
Not in your hands
Every now and then
I'd call you
To say how you doin
And baby i miss you
Girl, this is just
To say hello
Hello baby

(hook 1x governor)

Hello, hello