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Confira a Letra Bitter Tears

Graham Coxon

Bitter Tears

Why no pills today?
Bitter tears
7:00 A.M. and wasting away
Bitter tears
Why no knock on my door?
Bitter tears
What did I come here for?
Bitter tears

How much do you need
Bitter tears
Give me love and see me bleed
Bitter tears
Please dont hurt me tonight
Bitter tears
I've lost the will to fight
Bitter tears

It's our intimacy that I'm missing, you see
When there's no one around
Our intimacy it's what's missing for me, Aaah
If I go then I'll go clean
Bitter tears
Making love inside a dream
Bitter tears
Burn the books of history
Bitter tears
Build a home for you and me
Bitter tears

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