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Confira a Letra Turn It Into Hate

Graham Parker

Turn It Into Hate

The jug heads hit the city from every country round the globe
The ships pulled in the drinks were free the ticker tape came out in rolls
I was sitting in a bar watching this on TV
To me it looked like a failure but they called it victory

Well if you can sleep at night go ahead that's great
You're just dreaming anyway if you don't get irate

Come on turn it into hate Turn it into hate

Send your little boys and girls to go and play in a giant sandbox
Put your movie stars on the cover of People for goin' in for a detox
Let your happy-face news readers share a little joke
at the end of the night's transmission
Let's see the world through the eyes
of some clown gonna make all of your decisions

Well if you can sleep at night go ahead that's great
It's all been manufactured like the junk that's on your plate

Some of them lead the marching band suddenly they're war heroes
Some of them fall in a foreign land Suddenly they're just zeroes
Some of us go back to sleep Some of us learn to fear it
There's a siren blowin' in your heart You just don't want to hear it

Well if you can sleep at night go ahead that's all right
Ah just don't start a fight with anyone rich and white

Turn it, turn it, turn it, turn it Turn it into hate