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Confira a Letra Museum Of Stupidity

Graham Parker

Museum Of Stupidity

One day there'll be a museum of stupidity
Where we can hang ourselves and throw away the key
Along with the attitudes of the pmrc
And this bullshit drug war full of hypocrisy
The banning of 2 live crew
They'll probably put 2 live crew in there, too
A museum of stupidity, oh yeah

One day there'll be a museum of stupidity
We'll fill it up with exhibits of idiocy
We'll throw in religion and what it really means
A way to hammer nails through the back of your brains
The japanese trawlermen
Who kill everything that moves and call it zen
Museum of stupidity, oh yeah

Look at the walls of the museum of stupidity
You're bound to find there every advert on american tv
And every page of the british gutter press
We got it for nothing, it was going for less
And we'll hang it from roof to floor
And throw away the key after locking the door
The museum of stupidity
The museum of stupidity
The museum of stupidity, oh yeah
Oh yeah