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Confira a Letra Fly

As you look into an invisible landscape
And the waves of time part behind your back
As your life crumbles and turns into fiction
And the end of it becomes a fact
The ghosts of children will run in your garden
And play with an imaginary ball
You will be released and pardoned
Now theres nowhere left to fall

Good bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye
Now fly fly fly fly fly fly fly fly fly

A steam rises out of the water
And a mist hangs over the field
The tears of your wife and daughter
Have all but released their yield
The ghosts of lovers will walk toward you
And beckon you into their arms
And the mighty bells of chaos
Will no longer sound their alarms

Chorus repeat (plus way way way way way)

Shake off your carcass leave us in the dark
Thats us fumbling round like ants on the ground
In palaces and hovels reading mystery novels
But we never get the plot maybe you got it now
Shake that mortal coil leave us to toil
Take off that weight take off that weight
Listen to the silence know the end of violence
Is a clean slate is a clean slate

Chorus repeat