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Confira a Letra Force Of Nature

Graham Parker

Force Of Nature

She's got everything she needs and it isnt you
A cosmetic arsenal a bucket of glue
Signs on her back that say keep on the grass
Powerful liquor in a hip flask
Coins from the commonwealth doubloons from the sea
A knife in her boot heel a bonsai tree
Ice cream in her pocket diamonds from her fence
It all works like clockwork it all makes sense

To a force of nature, force of nature, force of nature
Thats what she is

With her clouded leopard on a leash in the shed
A vicious black rodent she calls fred
She keeps her diary under the bed
But theres nothin in it cos its all in her head
Walkin round london with foreign banknotes
Throwin silver nunchucks at cab drivers throats
Being invisible being obscene
Being the person you wish youd been


But inside her heart theres a kid locked away in a room
Who throws a grenade at your feet that explodes with such force
That it bursts your balloon like a force of nature

But inside her heart theres this kid locked away in a room
Who peeks through the door every now and again
And says hey Im coming out soon

Her raincoat jingles your mercury soars
Every last move defies gravitys laws
Her computers connected directly to the stars
Keeps her emotions in mason jars
Stored in the attic in the roof near the sky
Up in the rafters where the bats fly
Being impossible being on a roll
Being like something you cant control