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Confira a Letra Big Is The New Small

Grand Incredible

Big Is The New Small

Let me learn by paradox that
i've got to fall
if I wanna walk
that I hear a voice that doesn't talk
that didn't start and never stops

(pre chorus)
A touch of folly that it may be
but it should come as no suprise
to find that fools are counted wise
and blind men have the sharpest eyes
the truth can wear a jokes disguise

Cuz big is the new small
death is the new birth
back is forth and up is down and the last are really first
you're goin' the wrong way
if you follow the right signs
just know you know nothing at all
cuz big is the new small

Where the light has been erased the shadow behind
can show you the shape
it doesn't reveal but it indicates
we learn about light from the darkened space