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Confira a Letra Anti-Prom

Grand Incredible


I'm gonna throw an anti-prom
For everyone that don't belong
It's just misfits I'll invite
To the anti-prom tonight

On Long Island in my younger days
I heard my father say "We're movin' to LA"
And when we got there the kids made fun of me
Cuz I talked differently
And my hair was seventies

We didn't have much money
And my clothes fit me funny
Hand-me-downs have never been in style


The years have gone by
And I've grown up since then
But no matter where or when
I can't seem to quite fit in
But it's made me stronger
It's made me who I am
I seek to please my God
And not the praise of man
But still I'll always be
A reject and a geek
But God has never once rejected me


Don't listen to what anybody says
Don't let em in your heart
Don't let em in your head
Don't let em get you down
Cuz God wants you around and there's no better friend