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Confira a Letra Pariah

Graves at Sea


Sovereign feminine wisdom
Destroy to rebuild
Gorgon sisterhood
Covenant of cursed seed
To bleed without
Pain or wound
In harmony
With tide and moon
Invoken the power of fertility
From womb to tomb
By the moon
Over land and sea
Beauty in sorrow
By the sun
Light a fire in the sky
Beauty is melancholy
This reverence of sacred beauty
Elicits a vile betrayal
Usurper of purity
(the sanctity/the banishment) of this form so frail
Awaken pariah into this solitude
Shrouded in a halo
Of spiraling serpentine
Towering black mountains
Devour the dying sun
Down into the depths
Of the forgotten abyss
The pale light of the waning moon
Clings to the hanging fog
A call echoes out
On cascading cliffs
And on the horizon
A lone silhouette
The traveller has come to ease my pain
My final vision
Shown in mirrored glass
The forgotten beauty
And the cold sting of perseus's blade
Barren horizon
Eclipsing sun
Internal isolation