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Confira a Letra Reclamation

Graves at Sea


Born upon a dying sun what has become must be undone
Three times three
Let them see
Set them free
The call goes out
On sea and land
The quarters gather for this last stand
Carrion wing cuts through the sky
Advancing tides await the cry
Charging storms and canyons set stage
For pires to usher a dawning age
Somber awakening
Tranquil heavens
The hour of reclamation has come
Setting skies and land become one
Vast lunar shadows envelope the sun
Celestial uprising commands four great seas
To consume the seven things
Advancing oceanic
Conquering of land
The mighty storm devours man
Mammoth stone giants
Spew molten blood
To rebuild the empire
Reclaimed in the flood
I look back to where we began
What we've become
And I understand... cries... no blind... lies... reclamation