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Confira a Letra My God

My god where are you
I want to have my rites
My god who are you
It doesn't seem quite right
Crawl in the bottle
Pickled scriptures
Preserved by pictures
Nowadays what is real
Nowadays what can we feel
Guardian angel is on the run
Who will deliver us
To the promised one
My god where are you
You've gone and left me
What shall I do
Why have you forsaken me
I'm down here on my knees
Why beg for your mercy
Give it give it give it to me
I need your righteous hand
Lead me to the promised land
Safe from iniquity
Oh my god can you help me
I stand here alone in this place
God only knows
Trapped in my self torment
Lack of sense or judgment
My god save me, my god save me
Hear my plea, My god save me
My god save me
Amen..evil from us deliver
Temptation into not us lead
And, us against trespass who those
Forgive we as, trespasses
Our us forgive and..bread daily
Our day this us give
Heaven in is it earth on
Done will be thy, come kingdom
Thy, name thy be hollow
Heaven in art who father our
Christened with the boiling oil
My flesh falls onto the floor
My blood spilled with sins of greed
I beg to my god on my knees
Everyone will pass this judgment
In the case of all who have been
The lily's of the field
Neither toil nor spin
Who is my god what is religion
Who is my god what is religion